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Personal fulfillment

Happiness – Spirituality – Personal growth – What is the Law of Attraction? How can we achieve personal fulfillment?

Our personal fulfillment depends on being in harmony with our Inner Being. The quest for personal fulfillment is a thought that crosses the minds of many seekers of truth. However, knowing the meaning and purpose of life is the key to living a fulfilling life. It’s a simple experience. All we have to do is drink from the fountain of youth that is available to us at every moment of our existence. To do this, we need to understand the link that unites us with our Inner Being in order to be able to drink from this fountain. It is therefore essential to recognize that our personal fulfillment cannot be fully realized without a deep understanding of our own inner being.

Before diving into this journey of how to live our personal fulfillment, it is important to adopt certain fundamental beliefs, without which these teachings could seem meaningless. It is necessary to believe in certain concepts such as:

  • That we possess an inner guidance, our Inner Being.
  • We are also the creators of our reality.
  • Furthermore, there is a universal law that governs everything: the Law of Attraction.
  • Finally, in parallel with our physical reality, there is a vibrational reality.

Let’s start by saying that there can be no authentic personal fulfillment without a deep exploration of our Inner Being and an understanding of how it works.

How does our Inner Being experience its Presence within us?

The Inner Being is the part of us that is non-physical. It is therefore obvious that we cannot hold it in our arms.  But we can feel it through our emotions. For example, when we feel fulfilled, the sense of joy we feel inside is an indication of our Inner Being. It tells us that we are in harmony with our true nature, which is joy. On the other hand, when we are angry, stressed, or ill, we feel pain. This means that our thoughts and internal dialogue are not in harmony with our true nature.

Our Inner Being, therefore, is an essence of pure love and positive energy. It has an unlimited capacity to offer us everything we desire. Those who learn to harmonize with their Inner Being, who let it guide them, will feel connected to a universe of infinite opportunities. They will experience a personal fulfillment of rare beauty. In reality, our Inner Being is connected to an even greater consciousness, often referred to as the Source, God, or Matrix.

An analogy that may help us to understand this relationship between the divine part in us and the source. Imagine that we are a multitude of light bulbs connected to a power station (God). Each of these light bulbs represents an Inner Being incarnated in a physical body. We are all connected to this power station via cables. The power station has the power to create the optimum conditions to make us happy. Each person has access to this source through an “umbilical cord” of connection.

What is the link between the Inner Being and the Source or God?

The Inner Being is our link to this powerhouse (God). It is through this connection that God or the Source becomes our source of supply. But many of us have forgotten that there is a Source willing to respond to what we want. And why is that? Because our parents and teachers taught us otherwise. Our teachers told us about a wrathful God, a jealous God, a God who wants things from us. But the spiritual reality of existence is a different matter. The spiritual reality of existence is that the Source is willing to give us everything we want!

How do we create what we are experiencing now?

The second fundamental belief is that we are the creators of our reality. It’s important to understand that our reality is the result of what we observe, feel, touch, hear, and taste. But it is also the result of our beliefs. Our consciousness, our thoughts, and our emotions are at the heart of our creations.

So how do we actually go about creating our reality? Our lives are created by the stories we tell. It is also created by the memories we keep and the conversations we have with others. Finally, our life is created by how we feel about things.

Contrary to what you might think, we can feel things differently if we want to, but not all at once. We can’t change our emotions by snapping our fingers. This is because the Law of Attraction, although it is our best friend because of its consistency and power, will give us what we believe. So when we believe something, the Law of Attraction will show us that we are right. Then we say, you see, I knew it was true. In truth, what we believe doesn’t have to be true. It is only true because we have made it true for ourselves. We create our reality based on what we believe.

How can we deliberately create our reality for personal fulfillment?

To create our reality in a deliberate way, there are certain stages to be aware of and to respect. The first stage of the creative process is the asking part, and this is very important. And life helps us to keep asking thanks to its contrast. The second stage is that part of the inner bundle that I call the Inner Being that responds. It receives our requests and becomes the vibratory equivalent of the response. This means that when we ask, no matter how strong or subtle our request, the Inner Being responds and responds immediately. But to receive an answer, we have to go to a strange world. It is a spiritual place, outside the world of action. We have to enter a world of vibratory perception.

You have to know that when we ask the Universe, it is given to us immediately. It is given to us in the first form of creation,. It has full potential, just as the seed we put in the ground has full potential to become a corn stalk. This first form of creation has the full potential of this vibration, which is transformed into things. It is also transformed into experiences, into personal fulfillment. Finally, we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the manifestation we desire.

But to experience it with our five senses, there is stage three. This consists of convincing ourselves that there is no resistance to our request. This is the work to be done. We must not want something and maintain an unconscious internal dialogue about its absence. We have to feel as if the thing is already in our reality in order to attract it to us. To sum up step four, we need to put ourselves in reception mode.

What is Vibrational Reality? A key concept!

The concept of vibrational reality may seem enigmatic, but it is essential to our understanding of how reality is created. Our physical reality is what we perceive with our five senses. It’s what we see, touch, hear, taste, and smell. It encompasses our relationships, our environment, and our experience of the world.

However, our vibrational reality is just as real, but it is made up of vibrations. These vibrations are stored in the non-physical and are managed by our Inner Being. They represent everything we have imagined and dreamt, vibrating at specific frequencies. To access these desires, we need to vibrate in harmony with them and be in the receptive mode.

Why is harmonizing with our Inner Being essential to our personal fulfillment?

Vibrational reality is a non-physical realm that contains all our desires. It is the ‘place’ where our desire sits waiting for us to find harmony with it.

The simplest way to understand how vibrational reality works is to think of it in terms of vibration. According to the Law of Attraction, we will always experience the world according to our individual vibrations. Every time we feel a desire that we don’t manifest, it’s because our desire exists at a different vibration.

Our desire already exists in our vibrational reality. This is a fundamental point that escapes most people. We don’t have to ‘go and get’ the things we want, we simply have to adjust our energy to the point where we can experience them. Through the law of attraction, we attract what we want!

Why understand vibrational frequency?

The best way to visualize this idea of vibration is to think about changing channels on a television or radio. We can choose to watch sport, the news or a comedy. If we want to see something else, we have to change the program by changing the frequency the television receives. The news channel is always there, even when we’re watching sports. But they are two different frequencies.

The same applies to our experience. All possible experiences already exist. It’s up to us to choose the right vibration. When we think of something that does not yet exist in our sensory reality, it is instantly created in our vibrational reality. The solution to our questions is already present at a higher frequency level (vibrational reality). To receive this solution, we need to vibrate at the frequency of the SOLUTION. And not at the frequency of the PROBLEM! This means we have to control our thoughts and emotions to raise our vibration to that of the solution.

What does it mean to vibrate at the frequency of the solution?

We vibrate at the frequency of the solution if we don’t have the vibration of a problem active within us. The frequency of the problem and the solution are not the same. If we are focused on the problem, the solution cannot manifest itself. That’s why when we ask, we have to leave our valve open to let the solution arrive.

Why is doubt the enemy of reception for our personal fulfillment?

The slightest doubt linked to our desire is enough to make us vibrate at a different frequency from what we want. That’s why most people think about what they want but vibrate with the doubt that keeps them away from their desire.


Ultimately, personal fulfillment is about asking and receiving and getting into receiving mode. This means that every day we wake up excited about having incredible experiences. We ask life and it responds. In order to receive what we want, we have to create the belief that what we want is possible. We have to create the belief in our hearts that what we want is possible. By creating these beliefs within ourselves, we come into harmony with our Inner Being, who will guide us toward our desires.