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Purpose of life

Happiness – Spirituality – Personal growth – What is the meaning and purpose of life?

The Purpose of Life is love, joy, freedom, and growth. When we are feeling suffering, it isn’t easy to think that the purpose of life is that simple. So what is the real reason for our existence? That’s what we’re going to look at in this post. By the way, my definition of the meaning and purpose of life is purely a spiritual one.  It has nothing, therefore, to do with what our parents, teachers, and other people around us have taught us.

Who are we?

To answer this question, it is essential to understand that we have to leave the mental world of our existence and go to a spiritual world. We need to know that we are vibrational beings. We are therefore beings of pure energy and consciousness. In addition, we are made up of three essential components: the body, the mind, and the other part that I call our Inner Being or Soul.

As a result, we are much more than the physical body we see. We are first and foremost a consciousness of energy.

What did we say to each other before our incarnation?

When we incarnated into this physical body, each of us came with a Triad of intentions. These three intentions are love, freedom, and growth. These intentions are the intentions of our Inner Being. So the real question to ask is: what does our Inner Being want us to achieve in this physical experience?

It’s important to note that our Inner Being doesn’t need anything, but it does have desires. It wants to live through us, through our choices, our experiences, our challenges, and our discoveries. And all for one purpose: to find love, freedom, and joy in what we choose to do. We choose our experiences with our minds because our Inner Being doesn’t choose for us. But these choices must be in harmony with our intention of love, freedom, and growth.
Our body, on the other hand, is the vehicle that allows us to live the experiences we have chosen with our minds. Our Inner Being seeks the harmony of these experiences.

Why the purpose of life is not what others around us have taught us?

So the Meaning and Purpose of life are not about traditional teachings. We have been told that we must have a passion, a well-paid job, a family, or satisfy our material needs. For me, the true purpose of life lies in the constant search for harmony with our Inner Being. This is for our love, freedom, and growth. Your body and mind cannot evolve without this quest for inner harmony.

Why does the purpose of life lead us to wholeness?

If we want to experience wholeness, we need to know how we are made. We are three-dimensional beings, and each of these aspects – the body, the mind, and the Inner Being – plays a crucial role in our existence. There can be no true personal fulfillment if any one of these elements is neglected. Living solely for the body and mind, ignoring our Inner Being, can have serious consequences for our well-being. Hospitals are full of people who have neglected the spiritual aspect of their lives. The life of quiet despair that many people live is also the consequence of a life based solely on the mind and body. It is crucial to find harmony between the mind, the body, and the Inner Being. Therefore, to live a full and complete life, we need to know our purpose on earth. To do this, we need to experience our three-dimensional aspect.

What does our Inner Being expect of us?

What our Inner Being, that divine part within us, desires is our love and joy. So the true Meaning and Purpose of life is love and joy. Freedom is its basis, and growth is its result. We came into this physical experience to feel life flowing through us. But also to experience the excitement of new ideas taking shape. We must also seek to adjust ourselves vibrationally to these ideas and see their manifestation in our reality. This is how we create our reality in love and joy. But the whole creative process can only work if our intention is to find the satisfaction of love and joy. We must seek harmony with ourselves first, which is the satisfaction of joy. Therefore, when we seek satisfaction, it means harmony with our Inner Being, and that’s when we find harmony with the other people around us.

Why to feel the purpose of our lives, we must seek absolute harmony with our Inner Being?

When we approach our existence through the eyes of our Inner Being, thus, we discover what it means to be “pure positive energy”. We become the magicians of our own lives. The reward if we make our life’s purpose joy is that others who observe us will be joyful too.

Others will ask us what has happened to us. They’ll say: “You’re like a breath of fresh air. Just being near you makes me feel better. , And then, just looking at you makes me feel better. Thinking about you makes me feel better. Likewise, you seem to be more vital and alive, you seem to be more intelligent. You seem to have better timing than you’ve ever had before. I see you being happier. Furthermore, the things you want seem to flow into your experience. So, what’s the magic you’ve discovered?” And therefore, we’ll answer, “I’ve tuned into WHO I really am. Who I really am is joy and now I’m living my full potential and feeling good.”

On the other hand, when we let the opinions, beliefs, and negativity of others guide our lives and our actions, we lose ourselves in the collective creation. Life no longer has any meaning because we are disconnected from our source of life.

Why do we experience all this suffering on Earth when the purpose of life is love, freedom, and growth?

There is nothing good or bad, but thinking does it. – William Shakespeare.

Duality (good and evil) is necessary to understand what we want. It allows us to focus on our desires. If we didn’t know what we didn’t want, we wouldn’t know what we did want. Although everything comes from an infinite source and this source is all love, all joy, all freedom, and all good, its opposite must appear in the human experience. Why must this happen? Because we have the ability to focus on what we want or don’t want. This is our free will.

Therefore, if there is a source of love, there is no source of suffering. Suffering is a creation of the mind. It has nothing to do with events, but rather with our reaction to them. What happens is what happens, quite simply. It’s the way we react to what happens that creates suffering. In fact, we have a tool that enables us to manage our reaction to what happens to us. It’s called our Internal Guidance. But the question is: do we know how to use it? The suffering we create is there to add value to the contrast with a view to our growth.

Why can’t there be expansion without contrast?

We came here to concentrate and think about what we want. And to do so with our life’s purpose in mind. We knew that if we came, it would be to experience the joy of expansion. We also knew that we were creators of genius. So we wanted to emerge into a varied environment and be stimulated by new ideas. So contrast is simply the best thing there is.

Why is there value in contrast?

The questions to ask ourselves are: How can we find love and joy if we don’t know its opposite? How can we define something as wrong or an illusion if there is nothing to measure it against? So duality allows us to define life and death, health and illness, and so on.

But the truth is that there is no death. There is only life and life. Our job is not to focus on death but on life. So “being good” or “being bad” is not an intrinsic condition. It is a subjective judgment within a personal value system. Through our subjective judgments, we create our identity or our Self. Through our personal values, we determine Who We Are. We therefore determine whether we live our life’s purpose, which is love, joy, freedom, and growth, or whether we choose the path of darkness, which is disease and suffering. If there were no contrast or duality, and everything was perfect, our vital process of creating the Self would be over. It would come to an end.


So the Meaning and Purpose of Life is simply to explore contrast. Then we must seek harmony with our Inner Being in order to experience love, joy, freedom, and abundance in whatever we choose to experience. And all this for the sake of our growth, our expansion.