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Our Inner Being

Happiness – Spirituality – Personal growth – What is our Inner Being?

Our Inner Being is the extension of God. It is our divine part. And if there’s one relationship and one absolute knowledge to be privileged, it’s our relationship with him. In this post, we will see who our Inner Being is and how it works. We will also see that it is our inner Guide and that it does not choose our life experience for us. Finally, we’ll see why our level of happiness depends solely on our relationship with it.

What is the story of our Inner Being?

We saw that The Inner Being is love in the previous text. And because it is love, it cares about Who we are and what we do. Because it is love, it does not hate evil. Evil is part of the contrast in our environment. Without evil, we cannot experience good. In fact, it is the absolute desire of every Inner Being to experience good. There are no bad Inner Beings, only people who are disconnected from their Inner Beings. The Inner Being does not judge, it is we who judge ourselves. Know that at the moment of your transition into the non-physical, you will be judged by God!

Why is our Inner Being unconditional love?

The love of the Inner Being is unconditional in many ways. Our Inner Being is an extension of God. He is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. He wants all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. This truth is that everything in the universe is Love. If everything in the universe is Love, how do we want God to set conditions for loving us?

When we become aware of Who we are, we can feel that our Inner Being loves us unconditionally. And this is true no matter what we choose to do in our lives. His love does not change if we harm others. However, it does not condone if we choose to hurt others. Why? Because our Inner Self loves others. Because our Inner Being loves others too. Only human beings condition their love in the sense that if we don’t do things the way they want, we won’t get what we want from them. The Inner Being, on the other hand, always manages to respond to each of our desires.

How does the manifestation of a desire work with the help of our Inner Being?

When we feel a desire, I want a red Ferrari. Do you know that if you experience a positive emotion, it means that you are in harmony with the belief that your Inner Being holds? Do you know that it can create the conditions and situations for the red car to come to you? Contrary to what our grandmothers and mothers told us, we don’t need money to have a Ferrari. Our Inner Being takes care of everything by conspiring with the Law of Attraction to create the manifestation. So we’re going to see the people who are going to give us the money, the circumstances, and the situations so that the red car manifests itself in our life experience.

But did you also know that if we think about the red car, and we feel bad, it means that we have a thought pattern that counters our desire? And why is that? Because our Inner Being is sending us a negative emotion. It’s telling us that what we’re thinking is contrary to its unlimited power to create the conditions for manifesting our car. If we think that we have to be rich to get the car, the Law of Attraction tells us: “You have to be rich to get the car, in which case you’ll wait for the day when you’re rich”.

Does the Inner Being contribute to actions that are contrary to love?

Let’s look at an example: we decided to move to a town. We find it noisy and we choose to exterminate everyone on the eve to be quiet. Will our Inner Self help us with this type of desire? The answer is No! And do you know why? Because our Inner Being is pure Love. It knows that we are not this person it knows. The Inner Being knows that our source is love! So it’s not going to leave its paradise of well-being to come and live with us in the hell of our desires. It always stays close to us, in its unconditional love, trying to get us back on the right path and back home.

What is the Source doing while we are hurting someone else?

So you might ask me if I had a burning desire to raze a city to the ground, who would help me to do it? If our desire is great enough, the Law of Attraction will come into play to make our diabolical act possible. It’s our dominant vibration that becomes our point of attraction. Consequently, it is the Law of Attraction that sets up forces outside our Inner Being. It’s the Law of Attraction that finds people with fearful vibrations, with feelings of wanting to die, to make co-creation possible.

It’s scary, but that’s how it works! The law of attraction will find a victim for co-creation. There is no chance in the universe. We’d do well to think twice when we’ve had enough of life, and we keep saying that we want to die. You should also be aware that if we want to exterminate a town, we’re going to feel negative emotions within ourselves because our Inner Being is going to try at all costs to put us back on the right path. That’s why there is no such thing as a diabolical Inner Being. But there are people with an evil conscience.

Why doesn’t our Inner Being choose?

Our Inner Being doesn’t choose for us. But it constantly guides us towards the right path. If we feel a desire for love, prosperity, and well-being and we are in harmony with this desire, the Inner Being, in harmony with the Law of Attraction, creates the conditions to manifest what we want. It does not choose for us; on the other hand, the Inner Being inspires us to do good deeds. Receiving inspiration and choosing are two different things!

Does our Source condemn our possible crimes in life?

The answer to that question is NO. And even if religion doesn’t like it, there will be no Last Judgement. Our Inner Being is above all LOVE. We are here to have experiences. If we want to experience forgiveness, we must know evil. If we experience evil, we must learn to forgive. To forgive, we need to have within us the greatest force in the universe, which is Love. And we find this force through our Inner Being.

Consequently, if we do something that is contrary to love, such as wiping out a town of its entire population, our Inner Being does not judge us. But it makes us feel through a positive emotion at the moment that what we are doing is contrary to love. But as we are in a negative emotion, a tension is created between us and our Inner Being. This is why we feel bad. The murderer may cultivate an over-inflated negative ego to show that he feels no emotion, but deep down his suffering is real! His pain is immeasurable because there is a separation between him and his Inner Being.

The murderer’s Inner Being always lavishes love on him, no matter what he does. But the murderer’s negative vibration creates a separation between them. This is the cause of all the suffering. If the murderer could feel the love of his Inner Being, he wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone else. Our Inner Being is there to lead us back onto the right path, the path of love. And not on the path of darkness. When you feel love in your gut, it’s impossible to cause pain around you.

Why do we need to understand our emotions?

We know this through our emotions. If we do or think of harming another person, we feel a negative emotion within us. This is because our Inner Being does not approve that we might harm another person. The other person we wish to harm is also a part of us, a part we must acknowledge and understand.

On the other hand, if we do or think good of another person, we feel a positive emotion within us. This is because our Inner Being is sending us a positive vibration to tell us that this is the person we are! In other words, a Being of pure Love!

Our Inner Self’s job is to constantly show us how to overcome our fears and move towards love. So if everyone on our planet were connected to their Inner Being, there would be no aggression. Why wouldn’t there be? Because there would be no jealousy, insecurity, or feelings of competition.

Why is it that the one and only relationship to be privileged is the one with our Inner Being?

I believe and am convinced that our main concern in this life must be our relationship with our Inner Being. Why is this? Because it’s the first step towards living the meaning and purpose of our lives. Once we have understood and practiced this relationship and mastered it, all other relationships will be comfortable and enjoyable. And that includes our relationship with ourselves, and others, our well-being, and our abundance. We also need to know that our inner self knows us, knows everything about us, and loves us unconditionally. It also knows everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve asked for, and everything we are now in terms of vibration.

Our inner Self knows our most complete state of evolution. Don’t you think it’s a wonderful thing that our Inner Being knows where we are in relation to everything we want? And above all, it knows the path of least resistance to give us what we want. What’s more, our Inner Being knows where everyone else is in relation to what they want. And it knows how we can be paired or grouped together to satisfy each other. Our inner Self knows how to inspire us toward the thoughts and actions that would bring us the freedom, growth, and joy for which we were born.


We are born to be satisfied; but contrary to what we think, satisfaction comes from one place and one place only. It comes from our relationship with our Inner Self.

This is our true identity. So that we can move from peak to peak. This is how our life is supposed to be. Choosing to deliberately live in harmony with our Inner Being will make us feel like the most blessed human being on earth.