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Asking and receiving

Happiness – Spirituality – Personal growth—how to attract by the magic of asking and receiving?

Asking and receiving depend on our training in the five stages of creating our reality. The first thing to understand about the Law of Attraction is that we don’t get what we want; we attract what we vibrate.

The Law of Attraction does not respond to our actions but to our vibrations. Therefore, the powerful Law of Attraction is a kind of universal director that ensures that all emotionally congruent thoughts align with each other. It is what allows all things to evolve as they do.

Now, in an environment so full of contrasts and so useful and present everywhere, we have to choose what we want. Our job, therefore, is to explore the differences between the possibilities on offer and to choose personal preferences.

At every level of our personality, we vibrate with preferences. These emanate from the very depths of our Being. We can call these preferences desires that are received from our Inner Being. But we have the choice to live with them or not. Our Inner Being is aware of our process of growth and expansion. It is therefore ready to receive the results of our choices so that we can live the true meaning and purpose of our life, which is joy.

In this post, we’ll look at how to ask and receive. Although our desire is already known by our Inner Being, it is waiting for us to choose. Then it waits for us to harmonize with what we have chosen. We will therefore see that to ask and receive, harmony with our Inner Being is the key.

What is the first step in creating our reality?

To ask and receive, step 1 has already taken place: we have explored the contrast and chosen. It is said that even before we have asked, the Source has already answered! Our Inner Being is there in our vibrational reality with what we have asked for and chosen. In the meantime, it is experiencing the higher frequency of what we have chosen, which is the frequency of love, appreciation, and growth.

The path can sometimes be difficult, but every day we choose what we want. We are the architects of our destiny, and the canvas of our lives awaits our masterpieces. So, with every thought we cultivate with emotion and every action that inspires us, we sculpt a future that reflects our dreams and aspirations.

What is the second stage of creation for asking and receiving?

In stage two, we don’t have to do anything. The universe responds. Our Inner Being has received our desire. It then focuses on it. This desire now becomes its point of attraction (or point of concentration). The Law of Attraction immediately comes into play to respond to our Inner Being’s powerful point of attraction. In this way, the Law of Attraction will bring together all the cooperative components to make our experience possible. It’s important to remember that our Inner Being has its point of attraction, just as we have our own.

So our vibration has increased because of our choice, thanks to our Inner Being. Stage 2 has taken place. Now we have this vibrational reality. It will transform our desires into tangible things that we can listen to, taste, smell, touch, and look at on the physical plane. But this transformation into tangible things, since we are the creators, depends on our cooperation too. And why is that? It’s because we are the ones who chose and created this desire, and so, we are the ones who will transform it into things on the physical plane.

What is the third step in asking and receiving?

At stage three, we have the choice of going in the direction of our desire (our work again). We also have the choice of going against our desire. It’s at stage 3, therefore, that things get complicated and we hear that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

Why do we continually reproduce what we don’t want at stage 3?

Many people unwittingly oppose their desire because they continue to look at their reality. And so they reproduce the same thing. And the fact of looking at our reality is a major cause that prevents us from using the magic of asking and receiving. What we observe in our reality is the enemy of WHAT IS MORE in our vibrational reality. For example: we’re so focused on the current state of our financial worries, that even though we’ve put millions of euros into our vibrational banking reality, we’re not letting that money into our physical reality. Why not? Because what we observe as a lack of money is so active in our vibration that it prevents our financial abundance from flowing into our lives.

Why are there two opposing realities?

If we want to ask and receive, we have the choice of focusing on two opposing realities. The two realities are the physical reality and the vibrational reality. These two realities have very different points of attraction. On the one hand, in vibrational reality, our Inner Being holds our financial abundance. And on the other hand, in physical reality, we are focused on what we see. In the previous example, it’s our lack of money. That’s why we feel frustration, lack and envy when we don’t see the money we asked the Universe for in step 1.

But when we choose to experience vibrational correspondence with our Inner Being, that’s when the magic happens. We can feel our power as creators. We can imagine what it’s like when we release our resistance to lack. When we are in harmony with the whole universe, that’s when we begin to experience the magic of asking and receiving. That’s when our joyful expansion begins.

What’s the first secret to creation at stage 3?

FAITH is the chief chemist of our vibration. When FAITH is mixed with thought, our Inner Being and the Law of Attraction immediately pick up the vibrations and transform them into a physical equivalent in our vibrational reality.

So, in the absence of something we want in our physical reality – which is not present – and then wanting to be in vibrational harmony with that same thing that is present in vibrational reality, what do we do? And the answer is FAITH! But we have become so enamoured of the expression: You have to see to believe. These suggestions, which are in fact just beliefs, are so universal that they become mesmeric in their action. And they tend to act on us who are not vigilant, leading to limitations. Unfortunately, the spiritual truth of a manifestation is first and foremost Faith; you have to BELIEVE first in order to SEE later!

So at stage 3, we have the choice of detaching ourselves from our physical reality and no longer listening to everything that people who don’t know the laws tell us about how to become rich. All we have to do is find resonance with our vibrational reality through FAITH. That’s when we attract exactly what we want. It takes training and practice to Be, Do and Have so that asking and receiving become our reality.

Emotion is a creative force

What we feel is our relationship with who we are and what we want. A thought dominated by positive emotions is a favourable home for faith. The world is governed by human emotions. So the use of positive emotions is essential to effectively influence the Law of Attraction in order to experience the magic of asking and receiving. Without the ingredients of positive emotions, no creation is possible. Emotional thoughts have a greater influence on the Law of Attraction than purely rational thoughts. That’s why it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the most powerful positive emotions.

There are seven major positive emotions, as well as seven negative emotions. Positive emotions require intentional effort, often through affirmations and visualisation. Positive emotions act as a catalyst, transforming passive thoughts into active ones. As a result, thoughts charged with positive emotions produce faster results than those rooted in cold logic.

To master the art of influencing the Law of Attraction, we need to speak its language. This mainly comprises the dialect of emotions and feelings. We need to familiarise ourselves with the seven most important positive emotions. These emotions are love, desire, faith, enthusiasm, tenderness and sexuality. By mastering them, we will gain access to a powerful arsenal of emotions.

Why is it essential to become aware of and then control our negative emotions?

On the other hand, it is imperative to replace the seven most harmful negative emotions with positive ones. These are fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition and anger. Remember that positive and negative emotions cannot coexist simultaneously in our minds. The choice is ours: do we let positive emotions reign in our minds or do we allow ourselves to be dominated by our negative emotions? We need to cultivate the habit of constantly using our positive emotions. This practice will fortify our mental landscape and make it impervious to negative influences. Adherence to these instructions is essential; a single negative thought can compromise the constructive changes taking place in our vibration.

By faithfully following these instructions, we will have the power to change our vibration. And thus command the Law of Attraction, enabling us to move towards prosperity and fulfilment.

More emotions and nothing but emotions to ask for and receive!

It’s not enough to have an intention or a vision. Intention means being clear about what we want. Thoughts are the language of the brain, while feelings and emotions are the language of the body. Both must align with our Inner Being to create a coherent state of being.

Let’s imagine that we have a clear intention to be healthy, rich, free or in love. As soon as we maintain this intention and ask creative questions such as: How will we feel when we live this? A process of transformation begins. The door of the Universe opens to bring us an answer that corresponds to our desires. But that’s where the magic lies.

It is the emotions we generate during this process that bridge the gap between our current reality and the one we want. When we emotionally embrace this future reality before it physically manifests, our body and our subconscious begin to believe that we are already living in this future moment. This new vibration is the catalyst for the creation of a new personal reality. It’s the transition from a simple vision to the living embodiment of this new vision.

Intentions and desires are like the seeds of creation planted in the vast field of possibilities. The field of possibilities is where all potential experiences and outcomes exist. It is a realm beyond time and space that contains the blueprints for countless realities. When we ask questions like: How do I feel now that I’m healthy, wealthy, free, or in love? This question essentially allows us to reach this field with our emotions so that the Law of Attraction selects a potential that already exists.

Our emotions are essential

As soon as we formulate a clear intention, our Inner Being and the Law of Attraction are activated. . Our brain then begins to link neural networks together, creating an internal representation of the reality we want. We literally become what we want! This internal representation is like a map that guides us to our desired destination. But let’s not forget that intentions alone are not enough.

Our positive emotions play an essential and crucial role in this process. When we combine our clear intensities such as love, joy, gratitude or inspiration, we amplify our creative power. These heightened emotions are not only signals to our bodies, but also messages to the Law of Attraction. These emotions tell it that we are ready to experience the reality we have chosen, right now, at this very moment.

Intention, combined with high emotions, is the secret that transforms our inner world and prepares the ground for the creation of a new outer reality. Research has shown that when individuals learn to regulate their internal states and cultivate coherence in both the brain and the heart, extraordinary transformations occur.

Therefore, to ask and receive, in stage 3, we must transcend this survival and competition mentality learned from others. We must learn to master our vibrations through our emotions. Let’s look at the fundamental principles for living the magic of asking and receiving, which are intention and emotion. Although each is powerful in its own way, their combined force sets the creative process in motion. It’s not enough to nurture a strong emotion or imagine your dream; it’s like a car without fuel or a kite without wind. Research has shown that emotions or intentions alone have no significant impact on our external reality.

The real magic happens when a crystal-clear intention merges with a powerful and intense emotion. Think of emotion as the vibrant energy and colour palette of our desires. It breathes life, depth and richness into our intentions.

Intention, on the other hand, is the canvas that provides the structure, the outline and defines the shape, direction and essence of our desires. Together, intention and emotion form a formidable duo, giving rise to the most vivid and vibrant manifestations of our dreams.

The universe abounds in abundance, offering endless possibilities, opportunities and miracles. The keys to this abundance are within our reach. The keys to experiencing magic are this blend of intention and emotion.

The power of intention

Intention offers clarity, acting like a road map to our destination, describing every turn, every bend and every step. It’s the foundation on which our dreams are built. Whether it’s a serene garden, a harmonious relationship or a motivated career, it all starts with a clear intention.

To amplify the power of intention, we need to immerse ourselves in the feeling of having achieved our desires. We need to affirm and visualise with emotion and passion. The more tangible and alive our intention, the stronger its influence on the universe.

Either we live with intention or we exist by default. – Kristin Armstrong

The power of our emotions

Emotion is the life force and the heartbeat of our dreams. It injects energy, passion and momentum into our intentions. It nourishes the seed of our dreams and allows it to blossom. Without emotion, intentions lie dormant, but with the right emotional charge, they come to life, pulsating with energy and ready to manifest. Life is a complex dance between intention and emotion. To manifest the abundance we seek, it’s essential to master the rhythm, flow and synchronisation of this dance.

Let’s imagine ourselves as an orchestra conductor, wielding intention like a baton, guiding and setting the rhythm. The orchestra, with its various instruments, represents our emotions, adding depth, harmony and brilliance to our creation. For a symphony to truly resonate and touch our Inner Being and the Law of Attraction, the conductor and the orchestra must be perfectly synchronised. This is where the beauty of the dance between intention and emotion comes into its own. We must not only see our vision, but also feel the emotional depth of its reality.

I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, enjoy them and dominate them. – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Why do our words have no power over what we attract?

When we look at our contrasting environment, we emit vibrations towards what we are observing. We observe a wide variety of things. We radiate vibrations towards the things we want and the things we don’t want. When we shout “YES” we attract what we shout “YES” for. And when we shout “NO” we attract what we shout “NO” for. Why do we do this? Because the Law of Attraction doesn’t distinguish the difference between the word “YES” and the word “NO”. It only distinguishes a tension which is a vibration. For the Law of Attraction, there is no such thing as “NO”, only “YES” to the things we want and “YES” to the things we don’t want. The Law of Attraction knows no negativity.

What is the final secret to creation at stage 3?

The last secret of creation is that we have to change our concept of ourselves. The Law of Attraction gives us exactly what we are. We don’t get exactly what we want if we don’t have a beautiful concept of ourselves. We can’t attract money if we vibrate with poverty. Once we are what we want, something wonderful happens. What is in our vibrational reality begins to reveal itself to us. We begin to perform inspired actions. Thoughts come to us. We are inspired. Our timing is right. Eventually, we have appointments with people, places, things, events, and all sorts of things start to happen. There’s a fabulous synchronicity.

By caring about what we feel is joy, we reach the highest resonance of WHO WE ARE. To ask and to receive is only to be this higher version of ourselves. We become a Jedi, a cooperative element with the law of attraction. And when that happens, the money we asked for becomes obvious to us and to everyone around us. We are magnificently happy to be able to feel the money we have asked for, before we see it!

The biggest obstacle to achievement and success is not a lack of talent or ability, but rather the feeling that achievement and success, beyond a certain level, are outside our self-concept, i.e. the image we have of ourselves and what suits us. – Nathaniel Branden

Why in step 3 do we need to meditate, affirm and visualise during this process of asking and receiving?

Stage 3 is also the stage for taking action so that we can get into receiving mode. Meditation, visualisation and affirmation are all pathways to this process. They are truly monumental techniques for asking and receiving. Most people get stuck at stage 1. They don’t do the work they need to do in step 3. They think that affirmations and visualisation are the way to ask the universe for what they want. But we’ve already asked the universe what we want in step 1. Step 3 is about aligning our intentions with our emotions.

Why don’t affirmations and visualisation work?

Of course, there are many people who say affirmations but don’t receive what they asked for. When we say: “I’m a millionaire, I’m a millionaire”, the Law of Attraction doesn’t hear our words but our vibrations. What is this vibration in general? When we say we’re a millionaire, our body, if it’s conditioned in misery, tells us: “no you’re not!” This statement stops just at the level of the brain stem. It never reaches the body. Why is that? Because the body follows a different programme. The body is conditioned to a vibration of misery.

For our affirmation to reach the body, we need to create a powerful cocktail of intention and emotion. How do we do this? Let’s start by finding a quiet place where we won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. See ourselves surrounded by a golden light of abundance. Let’s feel the warmth of this light enveloping us. Visualise our life with all the wealth we desire. Imagine the home of our dreams, financial freedom, luxurious experiences and the ability to give generously to others. Now let’s feel the joy, excitement and gratitude in our hearts as if we had already achieved these goals. It’s this cocktail of intention and emotion that allows us to experience the magic of asking and receiving.

Why do we vibrate in the structure of our reality?

Since we were born, the Law of Attraction has responded to so many of our thoughts. We have therefore set up certain thought patterns, certain dynamics that are sometimes difficult to break. This is because the Law of Attraction doesn’t allow us to let go. When we’ve been thinking about something positive or negative for some time, it’s because our parents did. But also because many people around us think it. So when it’s something we don’t want, but because we’ve thought it, it’s active in our vibration. This thing will therefore appear frequently in our life experience. It’s this negative structure of our habits of thinking about what we don’t want that prevents us from working the magic of asking and receiving.

Why is step 3 still the crucial step for asking and receiving?

Step 3 of creation seems so difficult because we don’t understand how our Inner Being, our emotions and the concept of self work. Let’s grasp the vision that everything someone possesses in the form of material goods is merely an expression of their state of consciousness, their ability to think like their Inner Being and the emotions they have experienced when thinking about these things. Our job, salary, house and family are only the expression of our consciousness or of what we are. If we are limited, it will be limited. And if we think in an unlimited way, we will be unlimited!

Our Inner Being always remains connected to all our well-being, our abundance, our desires, so that when we have problems, our Inner Being doesn’t see our problem but our solution. When people came to Jesus complaining about their illnesses, he didn’t see their illnesses because he knew that only their well-being was real. He knew this so powerfully that when he was with them, their illness could not exist in this high vibratory frequency because of Jesus’ pure connection with his Inner Being. He who is connected is more powerful than millions who are not!

Why do I insist on mastering step 3?

So in stage 1, our job is to explore the diversity of the planet and choose our life experiences. Whether we are conscious or not, we choose. We keep sending vibrations from our awareness of what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste and want. We also send vibrations of what we don’t want.

Then, in stage 2, it’s no longer our job. Our Inner Being responds to our request. With the Law of Attraction, the two bring together ideas, conditions, situations, and people to make our experience possible.

Stage 3, which we saw above, is the tricky stage for humans. If we take animals as an example, they also perform stages 1 and 2. At stage 3, they transform their intentions into tangible things more quickly than humans. Why do animals do this? Because they have the ability to switch into reception mode more easily. Animals don’t judge their requests. They don’t criticise the contrasting environment in which they evolve. They don’t analyse or compare. Animals do not have negative intentions or discuss their failures. They do not tell other animals how to live their lives. They constantly maintain themselves in a state of pure positive energy. Micro-organisms and animals almost always receive what they ask for, whatever the situation.

Why do humans find it difficult to ask for and receive their desire?

We humans need to learn what stage 3 is. At this stage, we have to put ourselves in receptive mode, which consists of examining our emotions in relation to what we want. If we feel a negative emotion in relation to our request, it means that we have cut ourselves off from our Inner Being. It cannot respond to our request. In this case, it’s the Law of Attraction that picks up our negative vibrations, which are our point of attraction. It will bring together the conditions to make our negative feelings of what we don’t want possible!

On the other hand, if we are able to harmonise with our request by feeling good. If we let ourselves be carried along by the flow of our request by having Faith in our Inner Being and in the Law of Attraction. And finally, if we have clear intentions mixed with positive emotions, we will feel the manifestation of our desire in the form of well-being. It will become our reality and we will experience our joyful evolution, which is the goal of our life. In this way, we will expand the limits of our consciousness!

Why step 4: being on autopilot from step 3?

The alignment exercises with our Inner Being will make us so aware of the process in stage 3. For the rest of our manifestations, we’ll be self-piloting our vibrational work. We’ll discover the sweet taste of harmony with our Inner Being. We’ll know how to focus on our desire to feel good more consistently and coherently until we’ve mastered the awareness and desire to feel good no matter how difficult our request. So, step 4, we really have to feel good at step 3, so good that it becomes our second nature. And that happens through persistence in our work.

Why step 5: we’re not afraid of anything if we want to experience the magic of asking and receiving?

Stage 5 is what we are in stage 4 most of the time. First, we’ve made our contrasting environment our playground. Then, we are no longer afraid of anything because we are in control of the process. Secondly, we know what we don’t want, so we know how to ask for and receive. Finally, we know how to harmonise with our Inner Being, who has the solution to what we want. And we know how the Law of Attraction works.

We also know how to manifest what we want, and we have new experiences that start the process all over again. Finally, we know how to create a bridge between where we are and where we want to go. So we’re in a joyous state of never-ending expansion. In the same way, we are no longer doubting or experimenting with what we already know conceptually. As a result, we have neither need nor lack; we are in the unconditional love of our lives.

What have I learnt to ask for and receive what I choose from my personal experience?

So, personally, in step 5, I embrace this knowledge. Step 5 is me in my human form knowing that I will always ask for more, for something new, for something better. Now that I’m asking for more, I’m in the mode of appreciating my contrasting environment, which is essential for more experiences and more pleasure. Today, I’m in this life. Clearly I want to master this. I want to become good at this area of manifestation because I want to.

In the past, I did what everyone else does. I created from matter to matter. We can also succeed. But we are subject to stress and all sorts of illnesses. I prefer to work on synchronising my energy with the synchronicities of the universe’s responses and feel mystified. That’s when I experience wonder, when I experience my greatest joys and when I feel that I’m living the meaning and purpose of life.