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Attract our ideal partner

Happiness – Spirituality – Personal growth – How to attract our ideal partner?

To attract our ideal partner, we need to know how the law of attraction works. Unless we want to create from our mental knowing or from matter to matter. Many of us, when we are alone, approach the subject of love from our actions rather than from our vibrations. Why do we do this? Because that’s what our parents, friends, and others have taught us or advised.

In this post, we’re going to see why action is counterproductive to attracting your ideal partner. We’ll see that the key to attracting your ideal partner starts with self-love. Then we’ll see that the Law of Attraction is capable of giving us exactly the person we want and finally, we’ll see that all our ability to seduce lies within ourselves.

Why is it that when we want something, action is counterproductive?

When we look for Prince Charming or the Princess with actions, these actions are counterproductive. Why is this? Because the Law of Attraction doesn’t attract to us what we want, but what we vibrate with. For example, if we don’t love ourselves, how can we attract someone who does? If we lack love, how can we attract someone who is full of love and complete? Trying to produce a result by implementing actions without the vibrational work is counterproductive. This is because there are not enough possible actions to compensate for a vibration that does not exist within us.

Why approach what we want in terms of vibration?

Most people simply think that love happens by chance. What they don’t know is that nothing happens outside their vibration, outside what they think. Consequently, the love we experience, or rather the lack of love, is the result of the Law of Attraction reacting to our vibration! It is important to know that EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION IN THE UNIVERSE. Whether we are conscious of it or not. Many people do not understand that they are a source of energy in physical bodies. And to some extent, this ignorance has caused a separation between them and their guidance. Even if we have caused this separation between ourselves and our guidance, the latter still surrounds us with unspeakable love and appreciation.

Why do we need to know our spiritual part in order to attract our ideal partner?

Before we start looking for love in our lives, we need to know the spiritual part of our existence. We’re not here on Earth to have to fend for ourselves by taking action to get what we want. Neither to search for the ideal partner who is perfect for us. We all have an inner guidance that knows exactly where the ideal person to love is and who loves us. Except that most of us are unaware of our inner guidance. We can also call this inner guidance our Inner Being, Soul, or God.

You’ll probably want to ask me how to get in touch with our Inner Being so that it can guide us towards the Love of our Life. The simplest way I know of to get in touch with my Inner Being – for any problem – is to try to feel good no matter what we’re experiencing in our physical reality.

So, in order to attract the ideal partner, the easiest way to get in touch with our Inner Being is to start loving ourselves. We think we need someone else to love and to feel good. We often ignore the fact that we can feel in love without someone in our lives. I’ve realized that when I love myself, people to love – whether in love or friendship – present themselves without having to look for them. And why is that? Because the Universe picks up my vibrations of love for myself. The Universe is saying, “He loves himself, so I’m going to give him more people to love.”

Why must we learn to love ourselves unconditionally?

When I speak of love, I mean Love with a capital “L”, which is Divine Love, the Love of our Inner Being. It is in communion with it that we can have the most fascinating experience of love. And no one can give us this love in the way we would like, because no one has come to this physical plane to give us their full attention. On the other hand, our Inner Being focuses its full attention on us, moment after moment, and constantly nourishes us with its love. It is by filling ourselves with our own love, that we can attract the love of another who is like us.

To attract our ideal partner, we need to acquire the mindset of loving ourselves unconditionally by being kind to ourselves. This is how we will develop the power of Love within us. We will no longer feel love as something we hope to catch on the fly, or that comes in the form of a beautiful person we can fall in love with, but rather as a feeling in our heart that we experience from the inside. This is possible, not by theorizing about it, but by feeling it. For example, through meditation; or by finding feelings that make us feel good by thinking about Love. In this case, we can visualize the ideal person we would like to attract into our lives.

Why do we have to think about what we want in order to attract our ideal partner?

There’s another mistake that people looking for Love make unconsciously. They spend their time thinking about what they don’t want rather than what they do want. How can we expect the Law of Attraction to attract to us what we want? By thinking about what we don’t want, we attract what we don’t want! We will find a placebo of Love (a person of some kind) to fill our loneliness. But not the Love we’re really looking for. So there’s some vibrational work to be done in relation to the words we use when talking about the opposite sex.

I often hear women say: “All men are alike; they’re all unfaithful. They’re greedy. Men lie through their teeth. They lack character. They are selfish, immature, etc.”  How do we want the Law of Attraction to attract to us men who are the opposite of what we believe? In the men’s camp, the most familiar expression is that all women are bad company. How do men expect to attract a princess with such an image of women?

The right way for a woman to look at men is this: “There are men I’ve taken the time to imagine. They correspond to who I am and what I want.  And they will come to me. I also know that if I haven’t defined what I want, there are men I don’t want who will come into my life. We are either deliberate creators. If a woman doesn’t know exactly what she wants, she’ll attract any man who probably won’t be right for her! It’s as simple as that.

What is the spiritual reality of our existence?

Let me remind you of the spiritual reality of physical life: we create our reality! What we believe is what makes our reality. If we believe that there is a wolf in the sheepfold, we will find one. Thanks to the Law of Attraction! So, ladies and gentlemen, if we say to ourselves: “There are people who are in perfect harmony with themselves. They are very powerful vibrationally. These people are like me, and we’re going to meet up again soon to co-create together.” So, through our positive thinking and our belief, we will create the dynamic to attract the ideal partner.

As we can see, there’s no point in going online or to bars to find love. We have to work on ourselves and align ourselves with the love that is within us and with our true nature. Now, what do you think happens when we love ourselves fully and are in love with our life and Life? Isn’t this precisely what gives us the power to attract our ideal partner?

Why is our potential to attract the ideal partner unlimited?

Our life is a mirror of our emotions, whether positive or negative. When we truly love and respect ourselves, we are freed from doubts and worries about our ability to attract. We trust our feelings and our decisions. This allows us to be courageous and authentic. We begin to live from the heart. We play a bigger, kinder, more generous version of life. Then, we also forget the limits we’ve imposed on ourselves. And finally, we dare to dream more about the ideal person we want to attract into our lives.

We also stop focusing on negativity. And we become present to the beauty and possibilities both inside and outside ourselves. We realize how great our lives are. And we open the doors to gratitude so that it can flow in abundance. We begin to radiate happiness, confidence, excitement, peace, and positivity.

By emanating these vibrations of love, happiness, peace, and confidence, the law of attraction will gradually apply. In this way, we can attract the ideal partner filled with these feelings of love and appreciation.

Why is all our power within us?

Loving ourselves makes us electric and a powerful magnet for others. Our ideal partner will be attracted to us. And once we find that special someone, love will be easy because it will be natural. It will flow freely without judgment or pretense. It will inspire and nourish us. Our lives will be richer, happier, and more vibrant than ever.


You’ve got it: we won’t have looked for love, love will come looking for us! See the nuance in this sentence! But once again, we have to love ourselves! And we let our vibration work for us! And that’s when we ask ourselves why we didn’t take the time to love ourselves just a little earlier.

When we’re looking to attract our ideal partner, we won’t be able to find him or her without loving ourselves first! This goes against the Law of Attraction. The question I’d like to ask You now is: do you love yourself fully, completely, and unconditionally?