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We create our reality

Happiness – Spirituality – Personal development – Why do we create our reality?

We create our reality whether we like it or not. Our reality is shaped by our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. To comprehend this, we must grasp two fundamental concepts: how to harness the power of the Law of Attraction and how to align with our Inner Being. With these concepts in place, creating our reality becomes a joyous endeavor, which we will explore here. We will discover that there exist two parallel worlds: the visible world we perceive, and the unseen world known as our vibrational reality.
Next, we’ll delve into how we can effectively utilize the Law of Attraction. This question often arises after discussing the Law of Attraction. Furthermore, we’ll delve into understanding the stages involved in creating our reality.

What are the two realities in which we live?

Do you know that in the spiritual realm, there exist two types of reality? On one hand, there’s the physical reality we experience in this tangible world. On the other, there’s the vibrational reality we’ve co-created with our Inner Being. While this vibrational reality is indistinguishable, we can sense it in the non-physical realm through our vibrations.
Our Inner Being has a portion within us that guides us through our emotions, while another part remains in the non-physical realm, acting as a sort of custodian of our vibrational “bank.” As we embarked on our earthly journey, we gave birth to intentions, desires, hopes, and dreams. Now, our Inner Being, like a benevolent benefactor, holds the vibration of these intentions and dreams within this vibrational reality. It safeguards and nurtures them for us. Our Inner Being patiently awaits for us to harmonize with our desires before delivering them to us. However, this is only the theory of creation. Later, we’ll explore how to put these concepts into practice when creating our own reality.

Why is this vibrational reality so crucial?

It serves as the sustenance for our physical reality. Without this vibrational reality, the materialization of our desires on the physical plane would be impossible. Within the universe, every desire we hold already exists. Thus, the aspirations of billions of Souls on Earth need a repository. This vibrational reality stores all our wishes, inquiries, and solutions. It functions as a wellspring of provisions, bringing together all our desires to facilitate our life experiences. This is why we affirm that nothing is beyond our reach. When we pose a question, the Universe offers an answer, which is stored in this vibrational reality. The phrase is ubiquitous: we can be, do, and have anything we desire. Why? Because this vibrational reality possesses infinite capacity and resources to actualize our life experiences.

Each individual shapes their own vibrational reality based on their desires. Our Inner Being never departs from this vibrational reality. Its mission is to guide us towards greatness, to help us choose the best version of “Who We Are,” without condemning what we do not choose.

How do we create our reality?

As we express a desire for something we want, which marks the initial stage of creation, our Inner Being captures this desire. It holds the vibration of the desired object within this vibrational reality. At once, the Law of Attraction comes into play, orchestrating the convergence of people, situations, and events. The Law of Attraction and our Inner Being collaborate to transform our desire into a vibrational reality. Only then can it manifest in our PHYSICAL REALITY when we are in harmony with our desires. Here, we ask, and the source answers.
Our Inner Being embodies pure love. Consequently, in our vibrational reality, we can only establish desires or intentions that lead us to experience the highest version of ourselves: love, joy, and well-being.

How can we make the Law of Attraction work for us?

But what happens when we yearn for something yet fear we cannot attain it? Our Inner Being does not step out of our vibrational reality to share in our fear. Instead, it senses this fear and emits love from our vibrational reality to counteract it. This is why we experience pain. It is our Inner Being signaling to us, opposing our sense of fear. The more we fear, the more our Inner Being sends us a positive signal. We require this signal to remind us of our inherent greatness, beyond our fears.
Fear and doubt create resistance within us, resulting in pain. The more resistance we generate through our fears, the wider the gap between us and our Inner Being. Unfortunately, many people seldom hear the call of their Inner Being. They persist in creating their reality solely from tangible matter to matter. Most individuals construct their reality based on what already exists.

We invest immense effort in attaining our dream home or desired car. When we fall short, the chasm between us and our aspirations widens, and we continue to suffer. The solution lies in aligning with our Inner Being and the Law of Attraction to create our reality.

What distinguishes the responses of our Inner Being from the Law of Attraction when we create our reality?

When we emit a vibration of fear, the Law of Attraction captures these vibrations. However, it does not respond in the same way as our Inner Being. It’s crucial to understand that we have two points of attraction: our Inner Being, to whom the Law of Attraction has already responded, and our own point of attraction within our consciousness. This is where it becomes intricate. The Law of Attraction mirrors the vibration we emit from our consciousness. Essentially, it tells us, “You’re afraid, so I will create opportunities for us to experience more of that same fear.” Consequently, instead of attracting the ideal person to create a family, we may attract someone who has no desire for family life.

What is there in our vibrational reality to create our reality?

In this vibrational reality, we have encapsulated all our desires and aspirations. Here reside our dream house, car, and family, as well as boundless wealth. We’ve also embedded our inquiries. However, we cannot insert negative experiences. Acts such as rape, deceit, revenge, or even murder are exclusively created by the Law of Attraction. As mentioned earlier, the role of our Inner Being is to encourage us to choose greatness. The Law of Attraction neither judges whether our fear or desire to harm is good or bad, it merely responds to our vibration. Our Inner Being refrains from passing judgment on our transgressions, yet it abstains from participating in these negative creations. Its purpose is to love us unconditionally.

Why doesn’t our Inner Being make choices for us?

This is a question for those unwilling to take initiative. This is where it may become slightly challenging for most individuals to comprehend. The Law of Attraction consistently responds to the prevailing vibration emanating from us. On one hand, our Inner Being sends a signal in our direction, coaxing us towards love. On the other hand, the Law of Attraction reacts to our dominant vibration. Although our Inner Being understands that our ultimate desire is to experience love and well-being, it cannot forcibly insert or impose this experience into our physical life. Why not? Because God has bestowed upon us the gift of free will to create our reality.

Why do we have free will to create our reality?

Not everyone wants to have the same experience. We have incarnated in these physical bodies with different intentions. With free will, we have a choice in this great variety. We can choose to love or to fear. We can choose to hate or to forgive. If we choose to hate someone, our Inner Being will send a signal of love in our direction. If we are sensitive to our emotions, this signal will make us feel better. This well-being will then allow us to forgive. On the other hand, if we persist in our resistance to hate, then it’s the Law of Attraction that picks up our dominant vibration. It then attracts more of these hateful emotions through other people to hate.

How many times have we experienced the fear of something to an extremely painful level and finally decided to give up or let go? Then, suddenly, we feel a solution arise within us that gives us a sense of well-being. At that moment, it’s our Inner Being taking advantage of our temporary state of mind of not resisting fear to give us a solution. The solution comes to us according to our level of receptivity.

Why does our Inner Being play a fundamental role in the creation of our reality?

Let’s take an example: Someone cheats on us and we’re angry about it. Our level of vibration drops. But also our level of receptivity to the love signal from our Inner Being is extremely low. We have no access to this signal which tells us that love is stronger than anything else.

So we can use our free will to feel better by going in the direction of our Inner Being. But we can also choose to feel bad through revenge. This becomes our point of attraction. It is therefore this life experience of revenge that we are going to live. The Law of Attraction then creates thoughts, situations, and people who will validate that we are right to take revenge. If we did not have this inner guidance, we would have no interest in coming to earth. Our Inner Being teaches us to manage our emotions so that we can live a fulfilled life.”

Why is there no absolute good or evil in the Universe?

If our minds were free from rigid judgments, fear would not exist, and harm would not befall one another. It is crucial to perceive negative energy from a different perspective, as it is an integral part of our evolution. Contrary to common belief, there is nothing inherently wrong with negativity. While we might wish for a flawless world, if it were so, we would lack the challenges that spur our growth. Isn’t it remarkable to comprehend everything I’ve just explained? Isn’t it enlightening to fathom why we encounter certain trying experiences? It is not because of past mistakes or debts to be repaid. Neither, it is not because we erred. It is simply because we emit a vibration that conflicts with the love vibration of our Inner Being. We create our reality according to our vibrational frequency.

Why aren’t there absolute good and evil things in the universe?

You might ask, “But Cyril, someone betrayed and cheated on me. How can I possibly feel positively towards them?” My response is not to pass judgment on whether the actions of the other person are good or bad. The Law of Attraction easily finds individuals who resonate with our misfortune. I only know that we are the architects of our reality. I know that if we persist in nurturing our desire for revenge, the Law of Attraction will work tirelessly to validate our belief in seeking vengeance. It is us who have chosen to embrace negativity, sidelining our Inner Being, which merely seeks to guide us toward our well-being.

In this attraction-based world, there are no absolutes, no rights or wrongs. There exists a high energy that liberates and embodies Love and a low energy that restricts, controls, and manipulates. Yet, this is merely energy. In God’s grace, there are no absolutes or judgments.

Why don’t criminals possess inherently evil souls?

Now, I wish to address something regarding criminals. We often struggle to accept certain spiritual truths that challenge our beliefs. I frequently hear assertions that criminals possess malevolent souls. I assert that there is no such thing as an inherently wicked soul. Both our Inner Being and the Inner Being of a criminal are embodiments of pure love.

A criminal engages in acts of violence or continues to do so because they are entirely disconnected from the love emanating from their Inner Being. Their mind is consumed by fear, vengeance, and hatred. The Law of Attraction, responding to their dominant vibration, perpetuates this cycle by feeding their dysfunctional mindset. For the criminal, killing becomes their truth. However, this truth does not in any way justify the harm inflicted upon others.

Nations often do the same, using various justifications for massacring populations. The Law of Attraction provides often barbaric rationales for such acts. This has nothing to do with how our Inner Being views our desire for such violence. If asked in the privacy of our own homes, our Inner Being’s opinion would be diametrically opposed.

Similarly, if the criminal were to inquire about their Inner Being regarding their crimes, the response would likely be deeply disappointing. Thus, there is no source of evil in the universe; we create it through our thoughts. The devil only appears in the lives of those who believe in it, making it their reality, but not in the experience of those who fundamentally reject it. This truth lies deep within us.

Why do we often believe that we lack power in the creation of our reality?

Allow me to emphasize this point because I frequently hear people claim that unpleasant situations occurred to them, situations they did not create! You must recognize that it is always the thought beneath the thought that holds sway. It is the unconscious thought, and if we could discern the energy of these individuals, we would be astounded by the depth of their unconscious musings! Often, the hidden thought beneath statements like “I’m not afraid!” is, in fact, fear. Have you ever noticed this? For the Law of Attraction, it is the most strongly held sentiment that comes into play. It does not heed our words; it only responds to our profound feelings, our unconscious vibrations.

As we observe our universe, we encounter diversity, offering us choices to make us create our reality. When we focus on what we desire, we inevitably also consider what we do not desire. Directing our thoughts toward what we do not want generates resistance. For example, when we think about someone we love, we may immediately fear losing that love. When someone treats us rudely, we yearn for kindness from others. Similarly, when we experience misunderstanding, we long for better comprehension. And when we lack resources—whether money, friends, or health—we crave more. Yet, in our quest to attract what we desire, we often fixate on what we do not want. This is why we inadvertently draw so many unfavorable experiences into our lives.