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Plan of our Source

Happiness – Spirituality – Personal growth – What is the plan of our Source for us?

The plan of our Source for us is to guide us towards our greatest desires. It holds a credit card that can help us realize all our dreams. Our Source in us knows where we are in relation to everything we want. It knows exactly what the path of least resistance is to get there. But the question you’re probably asking yourself is: where did all that money go? How come I haven’t realized my dreams yet?

“There’s an old saying: ‘God has a plan for everyone, and he has one for us’.”

Even if our Inner Being (or our Source) can’t force us to stay in a positive vibration and live the best version of ourselves, the fact remains that we made an agreement with him before we were incarnated on this physical plane. That’s what we’re going to look at in this post. We’ll see what our real work on earth is to live the plan of our Source and obtain the unlimited credit card.

What is our real job on earth?

Our real job – in fact, the only job we ever have to do – is to find ways of feeling good, whatever the situation. Find our well-being unconditionally, and everything else will follow almost automatically. We’ll be perfectly happy, joyful, and healthy. We’ll also be truly prosperous. Finally, we’ll have all the resources we need, even the unlimited debit credit card to meet our needs. That means we’ll be perfectly free because poverty and freedom don’t mix.

However, until we understand our true purpose in life, which is this joyful expansion, we will never be truly happy. No matter how much money we have in the bank or how much distinction we might acquire. Whoever we are, our Source has a plan for us. It didn’t choose us by chance. It didn’t incarnate in our physical bodies with no specific goal in mind.

How can we understand the plan of our Source for us?

Our universe is intelligent, so there can be no mismatches and no unwanted or useless parts. It’s not possible for our Source to choose a physical entity such as ourselves, without having a particular goal in mind. This means that there is a special and particular place in this intelligent universe for us.

God never repeats himself, even in a blade of grass; he never made two identical people, and that’s why no two people could ever do quite the same job or express themselves in quite the same way. We are unique and we have a unique mission that we can discover through our harmony with our Inner Being.

This is why there must be no competition. Competition is a fear creation in our minds. It is not necessary, for example, for two thousand people to fight for the same place in life. Whatever the place, there can only be one person who can fill the place perfectly; and there are one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine other places somewhere waiting for other people if only they would open up to their Inner Being. Our Source has a plan for each of us.

How can we find our place in life if our Source has a plan for us?

What you need to know is that our Source is not there to choose our life. Our job is to explore the contrast of life, choose, and do our best to find harmony with our desires. Then, in the spiritual reality of existence, we don’t have to figure out how we’re going to make our dreams come true. This is where our Inner Being comes in to inspire us and guide us towards the actions we need to take to succeed.

That’s why our real job here on Earth is to master step 3 of the creation of our reality. In the past, our Source has from time to time whispered in our hearts this wonderful thing it wants us to be in order to realize our dreams. It already knows what we have to do to get what we want. Except that we never listen to her. We’re too preoccupied with listening to the advice of others around us.

How can we know what our heart desires?

We don’t have to know our heart’s desires because every day that we observe our reality, desires are automatically born within us. This wonderful thing that our Source wants is nothing less than for us to live the expression of our heart’s desire. The most secret and sacred desire lies deep within our hearts. It’s a wonderful thing that we hardly dare to look at or think about. It’s something we’d rather die than let anyone else know about. Why would we do that? Because it seems so far beyond anything we are or have at the moment. We fear being cruelly ridiculed if the mere thought of this were known. This is precisely what our Source wants us to do or be for it.

On the other hand, all our desires are not unknown to our Source. It knows where we are vibrationally in relation to everything we want. Likewise, it knows exactly what the path of least resistance is to achieve it.”

Why can’t our Source put its plan into action to help us?

The question is rather, what do we do when desires arise within us? Well, that’s simple. We unconsciously sow resistance in front of us that prevents us from moving toward realization. We come up with all sorts of excuses for not getting what we want. What’s more, all we’re doing is self-sabotaging, which leads us down dark paths.

So if only we could begin to find ourselves in a vibration that is less and less resistant, such as self-love and courage, we would first of all be amazed to realize just how intelligent the non-physical is. Then how much it cares about our situation. Then how much it knows about where we are in terms of what we want to be, do, and have. Finally, how eager it is to give us the unlimited debit credit card.

How did I discover what my Source wants me to do?

One day I was having dinner with a friend and we were talking about all sorts of things. All of a sudden my friend said to me: ‘Cyril, I’d like to be a coach’. All my life, I’ve thought about coaching others but I’d never dared take the plunge until the day my friend reminded me what he’d like to do. Except that when he told me about his desire, it awakened my own desire. I felt a vibration of excitement, joy, and enthusiasm at the idea of sharing everything I know about personal development and spirituality with others.

But where did my enthusiasm come from? Precisely from my Source. It knows exactly where I am in relation to what I want. It always tries to let me know through my emotions. Everything that has to do with me and others is known by it and the Inner Beings of others. And our Inner Beings are intertwined to make my experience as a coach possible. And this is for the well-being of all, and for the growth of all.

If our Source has a plan for us, why doesn’t it always work?

If I have doubts about my ability to coach, if I don’t have confidence in myself, even if this guidance is available to me, I don’t allow myself to receive the impulses for inspiring actions to put in place. Why do you ask? Because I hold an internal dialogue of what others have said about coaches, their problems, and their difficulties. By listening to my inner dialogue, which is the mind, I’m cutting myself off from infinite intelligence, unconditional love, and my Source’s ability to show me his plan!

When I feel this excitement inside me to do something, it’s a communication from my Source to every cell in my body. On the other hand, it will never tell me not to do that thing because it is pure positive energy.


Our Source knows who we are when we enter this physical body. It knows Who we are as non-physical energy. It knows Who we have become because, at every stage of our lives, it has observed each progressive change in our determination to define WHO WE WANT TO BE! Now it’s right there, ready to guide us towards the plan it has for us. The plan that will enable us to live the life we want. Yes, our Source does have a plan for us. These are win-win agreements managed from a non-physical space with the Law of Attraction as the driving force.

It’s now up to us to see what we’re doing with our vibrations. What are we thinking?