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Free will

Happiness – Spirituality – Personal development – Why do we have free will?

Free will is the freedom to choose between feeling good or feeling bad. On the other hand, we have no free will over the choices made by others. No matter what happens in our external world, we have the power to choose. That’s what we’re going to look at in this post.

What is free will?

My definition is purely a spiritual one. When we were incarnated in our physical bodies, we knew certain things. We knew spiritually that we weren’t going to arrive on a blue planet to suffer. We also knew that we shouldn’t work hard, or be afraid of life. But we knew that we had an Inner Being with whom we could easily find harmony. And in doing so, we knew that by finding harmony with him, we would be able to live the purpose of life. This would be joyful self-growth, freedom and joy.

Why is the notion of free will often wrong?

When we arrived on this magnificent planet Earth, we forgot the promise we made to ourselves. We told ourselves that we would explore our environment. This observation will give rise to preferences within us.  And from these preferences, we will choose to harmonise ourselves with our desires. But when we arrived on Earth, we chose something else. We chose to live our lives according to the reality we observe.

So, most people find their feelings tossed left and right because they are observing a reality that is often difficult and painful. And they don’t choose. When people observe a situation that makes them feel good, they feel good inside. And when they observe an unpleasant situation, they feel unwell inside. As a result, they have forgotten that they have free will, which is the choice between feeling good or feeling bad. They have forgotten that they have an Inner Being within them who is available at all times to guide them towards joyful growth rather than a dysfunctional life.

Why is free will the choice to feel good or feel bad?

Free will is the art of choosing between feeling good or feeling bad. Few people choose to make the deliberate choice to feel good. They choose to want to control the world, their children, their relationships with others, and so on. My choice is that the world and others should live according to my standards! Free will is not the choice to impose our will on others. It’s choosing for yourself, and ONLY FOR YOU, to live a joyful expansion in harmony with your Inner Being or not. It’s not asking others to live as we wish while denying our own well-being

How can we deliberately choose to feel good?

We must decide to live our free will by making the deliberate choice to feel good. No matter what we observe in our reality. We can choose to live our lives in harmony with our Inner Being. This is when we have creative control over our life experience, over how we react to our reality. We then make the Law of Attraction work in our favour and we control our emotions.

On the other hand, if we have used our free will to deliberately choose to feel bad. And this by trying to control the conditions of life outside ourselves and the people around us, we will quickly feel that we have no control over anything. Why can’t we? Because it’s an impossible task. The laws of the universe give everyone the choice to choose for themselves. Those who want to control everything around them have embarked on a mission of mental and physical suffering.


Everyone has free will to choose for themselves. And that choice is between feeling good or feeling bad. Free will has nothing to do with “I do what I want when I want”. That’s ego behavior!

That’s why, no matter what others try to impose on me, I know I have free will, I have the choice to feel good or bad about what others impose on me.