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Ideal of our soul

Happiness – Spirituality – Personal growth – What is the ideal of our soul?

The ideal of our soul is to live pure love within us. This is what our Inner Being wants for us. Our Soul wants us to experience love to the full. This text is therefore a hymn to ultimate love, the one and only true love for the divinity that is us.

This text is therefore a hymn to ultimate love, the one and only true love for the divinity that is us. Very few people will be able to understand this hymn because in this text we are talking about the experience of the love of the Soul, which goes beyond the material sense. We experience the material sense through the five physical senses. That is, seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling. But in the experience of Soul Love, we cannot touch, see, or taste it, nor can we bring it into our bed. We can only feel it in our hearts. My experience has taught me that there is no greater, more ecstatic Love available to us.

 We all look for love in the wrong places.

We tend to look for true love elsewhere than within ourselves. So we spend our lives looking for something that doesn’t exist outside us. Why do we do this? Because until we find that love within ourselves, it’s impossible to experience true love outside ourselves.

I’d really like to stress this point because I see people looking for love in the wrong place, i.e., outside themselves. I see them on Facebook and on dating sites and so on. When it’s all right there, inside them. When we are not filled with our own love, the universe attracts to us people who are empty of love like us.

As a result, instead of living true love, we live a love that fills a need and a lack. We find ourselves in a love life scenario that helps us to end loneliness, fill a void, appease our ego, end our depression, improve our sex life, heal from a previous relationship, and relieve boredom. Unfortunately, none of these reasons work until we do the work of filling ourselves with our own love. As long as love is a response to the fulfillment of NEEDS, our relationship will not have the splendor of the communion of two souls. The ideal of our soul is that we should be able to enter into ourselves to experience our own love.

The ideal of our Soul is that the truth be found within us.

I am aware that there are spiritual truths that do not correspond to the truths of our mind, or to what society has taught us and told us.  My text is not here to tell us what we should do. But it is a sharing to make us aware of the spiritual truth of true love. All the great spiritual masters speak of true love in this way. On the other hand, few of us become truly aware of it, and so choose to experience it.

On the other hand, we can always go through our relationships like water, and live a life of quiet, gentle despair. However, we can CHOOSE to experience the pleasure of the bee and the flower as Khalil Gibran so aptly describes in this text:

The bee and the flower

Go to your fields and gardens,

And you will learn that it is the pleasure of the bee

To gather honey from the flower.

But it is also the flower’s pleasure

To give its honey to the bee.

Because for the bee,

the flower is a source of life.

And for the flower,

A bee is a messenger of love.

And for both,

Bee and flower,

Giving and receiving pleasure

Are a joy and an ecstasy.

Yes, when we have filled ourselves with the love of our own Soul, we will have something to share with others.

It’s time to become aware of the ideal of our Soul.

There is a divine spark within us. It is a sacred essence that has accompanied us in love since the beginning of our existence. It is a part of us that loves us unconditionally despite the changing circumstances of our lives. This divinity is our Inner Being, our authentic self, our deepest Being, our Soul. So it’s time to awaken to its presence. It’s time to drink from the fountain of youth that lies within us. That’s the ideal of our Soul.

We’re not just a physical body moving through time and space. We are also radiant Beings of Light, a Soul capable of experiencing and generating love, joy, peace, and wisdom. And this, across time and space. Recognizing this is the first step towards awakening the divine within us. But also towards awakening the love within us. This divinity within us is not just a lofty ideal or an abstract concept. It is Love, as real and present as the air we breathe. It is also the source of our Love and our deepest potential. Finally, it is the source of our highest capacities and noblest qualities.

Our Soul is an inner sanctuary of wisdom, compassion, and strength. To awaken to this divinity is to become aware of its true nature, which is Love. For us, this means letting go of the false identities and limiting beliefs that have kept us bound to a lower sense of ourselves.